Wednesday, August 24, 2011

man-animal conflict

Today, while walking down to Connaught Place, I saw two large big shadows looming up ahead in the distance, and to my surprise and horror, I found that they were elephants which were being steered down janpath calmly by their riders. They were even happily taking down a few branches off janpath and chewing on them. And to think I was reading this link just yesterday! '..sirens and lights of a passing ambulance disturbed Lakshmi..' like obviously, genius! It's not really rocket science for us to understand that elephants aren't designed to be part of road traffic, is it?

And then we have the whole issue of leopard attacks and them being burnt alive in the process. Though the villagers' action is unjustified, is not their rage? And is not the leopard justified  - with no habitat left, it has to find alternative resources somewhere, eh? Is what the GoDaddy chap did right or wrong?

Such a vicious circle, this.


Anonymous said...

There shouldn't be a question if it is wrong. It obviously is!! The question arises only when there is a presumtion that the earth is meant solely for the needs of man , and all others don't matter.

Anonymous said...

I just read the GoDaddy article.. This is very very sad.. This is purely survival of the fittest, in a world with no guns let's talk about right or wrong.. our race is F****ing doomed.. #ranting - I really love animals a lot, I dare say more than I love humans.. I am being hypocritical as none of this stops me from eating animals.. :-\

As for the godaddy CEO, I am no one to judge, but it's amusing how people raise a ruckus when it's elephants, leopards or some sort of endangered species that is being killed.. no one gives a shit about the millions of chickens and lambs and cows that make it to our plates..Just because they are not gonna get extinct any time soon?