Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Saarang, Spandan, Pegasus, Riviera..

​I don't feel like it's been too long since we were all out in the open, feet in the air, about to hit the ground, only to take off once more, as we put all the energy in our bodies in sync with the screeching guitars. We sang in harmony, trying to hear ourselves above the vocalist, the air lifting our voices and  offering it to the vast starry sky above. Wisps of smoke wafted among us amidst the shadowy blacks. Frayed edges of jeans dragged under floaters, bits of mud sticking to them.

In the quieter corners, couples and groups of friends  huddled under the trees,  laughing, holding bottles of liquid that shone in the moonlight. Different colleges made friends by exchanging lighters, discussing the JAM or Mad Ads that were held earlier in the day. Late night matches were held - volleyball, football, tennis. Chants of every kind filled the air - winning chants, booing chants, cheering, hooting, chants in kannada, tamil, english. Orange slush was served at the stalls, congratulations were exchanged.
In the darker lanes, bushes shook with frenzied activity. The less adventurous couples walked hand-in-hand, some swaying gently. In the more frequented paths, lamp-posts stood at regular intervals, giving off a warm yellow light that bathed us all. There was something about that light.  In those three days of madness, it connected us together - a hotch-potch of faces and places - reflecting itself on tired but shining eyes, toothy smiles and knobs of acoustic guitars. It enveloped us in an energy that can only be found at college fests, and made us feel that we were all connected by a common thread. It established itself as a filter we would apply to pictures that we would revisit in future.