Saturday, December 01, 2007

random realisations...

(yea..this is to make up for a month of no blogging!!)

I'm growing OLD.
My memories are fading.
My hair is falling.
I worry about the size of my ass-its increasing with my age.
I'm worried that other people's memories will also fade and they might forget me someday.

My all time favourite chord is Dmsus2.(whatever d,e,f,a is)
I want to be a drummer.

I have a thing for tall lanky guys with curly hair.A bit like fido dido.
I have a thing for dark guys.And dark girls too.
Oh my god i may be bisexual.

I talk too much.
I think too much.

I'm way too good for anyone else.
Sometimes I think people are really dumb.
I am most distracted when I'm supposed to be doing something very important.Like
right now.
I waste a lot of time.
I put alarms to wake up at 3 am to listen to music when everything else is quiet.
Everything about 3 am is awesomely beautifully depressing.

I want my voice range to be 4 octaves.Sigh.

I'm not fat-I'm just bombacious-vivacious-curvacious-ohmygodaciously generously layered with extra tissue.
So I have an ego problem.
Most guy friends I have have fallen for me sometime or the other-I'm not sure if thats good or bad.
I'm sick of being called cute.Where is that smart outgoing sexy image?
I like earthy people.
I like full stops.

I'm gonna run a music school someday.
My house is also gonna have a huge library with all the books that ive been collecting since a kid. I wanna sing great gig in the sky with a big bunch of friends in the dead of night on top of a hill,with a bonfire burning.. and screams and laughter echoing.
Detachment is my strength.And my weakness.
I never get bored of myself.
I love vellore.SO much.

I love planning surprises and making stuff for people.
I'm not a movie person.I havent seen tons of good movies.I'm too restless to sit thru a movie.
I dont understand fantasy or sci-fi.Unless its star wars where yoda,i like.
I dont watch Friends/Southpark/many other sitcoms most people like.
No,I am NOT a boring person!
The two movies i know every dialogue and every scene of are KKHH and Youve Got Mail.

I think i'm morphing into a guy.
I cant live abroad.
I hate tall buildings.
Neutral colours of things abroad put me off.Everything there is either grey black white or blue.Or grey again.
U dont get sunrise coffee there either.
I'm either singing or extremely quiet when high.
I smell pages of books.

I'm almost 20...I'm entering the peak of my youth.
I cant see myself 20 years from now.Or even 10.
Or even 1 and a half years from now.
(Thats cuz i dont have a time machine......)
I make really bad jokes sometimes.
Other times im just awesomely witty.
I've done the craziest things ever in the past 2 months.
Most of the mistakes I've made were worth making.

I've invented words-My best was this word "flouge" rhyming with rouge...which means
I love my friends...each n every one of much...
I laugh a lot.
I like bright things.
I rarely regret things even if I do something wrong on an impulse.
I regret breaking someone's heart.
I contradict myself.

I have a very very very bad temper which i struggle to keep under control.
I suffer from foot in mouth syndrome.
I'm very moody.
I used to go the lib 3rd floor just to watch the trains pass by.Also used to count how many boogies goods trains have.
I listen to JLo and the Pussycat Dolls sometimes.
There's nothing like walking on the bunds thru paddy fields.
There's nothing like a rooftop parrdyyy with gooood moosik.

I idolize my parents.
I try to be as non judgemental as possible.
I drool if I sleep flat.
My favourite animal is the cow.I used to go pet em during my evenin walks here.
I'm generally stable n steady.
I'm gonna experience everything in life.
I'm crazy about philosophy.
I hate preachy books.
I have loose hinges-I move my hands n head a lot while speaking.

I discover new awesomenesses about myself everyday.
I want to have kids someday.
I cant imagine living with a non musical person.
I wanna improve my singing skills.
Smoke rings fascinate me..

I judge how fat I am by examining how many veins show at the back of my hand.
I have to ride a water bike,water ski and see mt.everest before i die.
I sometimes long for em shoes with lights.
I'm known for being clumsy and hurting myself everytime I climb a hill.

I cant lead a slow life-I need to be busy,I need a dynamic fast paced life.
Breaks from city life will be spent in ma acres n acres of land in kerala/karnataka which i'm gonna buy or inherit from a rich father in law.

I cant follow a routine- I get bored of things easily.
I'm good with people.
I'm crazy about earth science.
I dont particularly like what i'm studying right now.
Its stupid to culture microbes when they're everywhere anyway.
I need to figure out how to get rich soon.
I'm getting nowhere.

I'm quite satisfied with my 20 years of life.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I sleep only to keep from thinking.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Thought Experiment

Jusht only the bestest book I've read of late:
God's Debris by Scott Adams.
Gives some really different perspectives into religion,science,God and the like.I'm not much of a Dilbert fan but I loved this book. Its basically a conversation between a delivery guy and an old wise man who explains his thought-provoking various fundas.The different concepts are explained beautifully,in a crisp and simple style of writing.Not for people who cant accept/appreciate radical new ideas,but if your'e interested in philosophy then go,buy,read.Now.

Monday, June 18, 2007


Some people leave me spellbound.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Songs of the Past

Its such an inexplicably warm wonderful feeling to listen to an old song you've dug up from that carton of dusty combwebby tapes.
Idiotic half-smile on my face,dreamy.

"Carolina Moon....keep shiiiiiiningg......." ...*sigh*.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Nos to Pix

Came across this awesome site while browsing the other day...
I always found it dry to read statistics and big figures so I think its a pretty good way to make one visualize the quantity.
Check it out here.
"An American self-potrait"....Hmmm.Dont think he'd be too proud :P

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

They spoil everything

I did not know till recently about the controversy regarding one of my all time fav songs...Puff the magic dragon.
Its a song about the end of childhood innocence..beautiful lyrics,I always thought.But then here's what some people say..

""Puff" was an obvious name for a song about smoking pot; little Jackie Paper's surname referred to rolling papers; "autumn mist" was either clouds of marijuana smoke or a drug-induced state; the land of "Hanah Lee" was really the Hawaiian village of Hanalei, known for its particularly potent marijuana plants; and so on."


Friday, February 02, 2007


Latest earbugs,awesome lyrics:

Pain of Salvation:Iter Impius( you HAVE to read)
Iron Maiden:Futureal
Norah Jones:Toes(the daydream song)
Toad the Wet Sprocket:Something's always wrong(hehe reminds me of Murphy's law)
Pearl Jam:Crazy Mary(atmosphere created is just so haunting..)
Harry Nilsson: Remember(from You've got Mail,one of my fav movies)

Latest earbugs,no lyrics:

Pain of Salvation:Dryad of the Woods
Justin King:Square Dance
CPE Bach:Solfeggietto(super cool!)
Shakti:Lotus Feet
John Petrucci:Wishful Thinking
Rock Machine:Ode to scoobie doo

And of course,there are the earbugs with crap lyrics which is just good to dance to when no one's watching!:)

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Istanbul:Memories of a City

A hauntingly beautiful childhood memoir.Pamuk shares with us his own personal journey of life in Istanbul-it is not only the description and the history of the city,its landscape and people-but the relationship between Istanbul and Pamuk that is poignant.There is a certain oneness between the two;the fall of the Ottoman Empire is his personal loss,the ruins of the city his cause for lament. The B&W pictures complement his state of mind.Yes there is a strange somewhat unfinished shadow of beauty that hangs in the air,inspite of the sorrowful and wistful writing.(like the old Ottoman villas still have ivy creeping over the crumbling walls).

I probably liked the book a lot because I am tired of Naipaul miserably bumbling about trying to find his roots.

Drawback: You might never want to hear the word 'melancholy' again after seeing it appear about a hundred times in the book.

Still I'd say its a must-read,atleast once.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year

May you all have grand new beginnings and happy endings!!