Tuesday, February 13, 2007

They spoil everything

I did not know till recently about the controversy regarding one of my all time fav songs...Puff the magic dragon.
Its a song about the end of childhood innocence..beautiful lyrics,I always thought.But then here's what some people say..

""Puff" was an obvious name for a song about smoking pot; little Jackie Paper's surname referred to rolling papers; "autumn mist" was either clouds of marijuana smoke or a drug-induced state; the land of "Hanah Lee" was really the Hawaiian village of Hanalei, known for its particularly potent marijuana plants; and so on."


Friday, February 02, 2007


Latest earbugs,awesome lyrics:

Pain of Salvation:Iter Impius( you HAVE to read)
Iron Maiden:Futureal
Norah Jones:Toes(the daydream song)
Toad the Wet Sprocket:Something's always wrong(hehe reminds me of Murphy's law)
Pearl Jam:Crazy Mary(atmosphere created is just so haunting..)
Harry Nilsson: Remember(from You've got Mail,one of my fav movies)

Latest earbugs,no lyrics:

Pain of Salvation:Dryad of the Woods
Justin King:Square Dance
CPE Bach:Solfeggietto(super cool!)
Shakti:Lotus Feet
John Petrucci:Wishful Thinking
Rock Machine:Ode to scoobie doo

And of course,there are the earbugs with crap lyrics which is just good to dance to when no one's watching!:)