Saturday, December 01, 2007

random realisations...

(yea..this is to make up for a month of no blogging!!)

I'm growing OLD.
My memories are fading.
My hair is falling.
I worry about the size of my ass-its increasing with my age.
I'm worried that other people's memories will also fade and they might forget me someday.

My all time favourite chord is Dmsus2.(whatever d,e,f,a is)
I want to be a drummer.

I have a thing for tall lanky guys with curly hair.A bit like fido dido.
I have a thing for dark guys.And dark girls too.
Oh my god i may be bisexual.

I talk too much.
I think too much.

I'm way too good for anyone else.
Sometimes I think people are really dumb.
I am most distracted when I'm supposed to be doing something very important.Like
right now.
I waste a lot of time.
I put alarms to wake up at 3 am to listen to music when everything else is quiet.
Everything about 3 am is awesomely beautifully depressing.

I want my voice range to be 4 octaves.Sigh.

I'm not fat-I'm just bombacious-vivacious-curvacious-ohmygodaciously generously layered with extra tissue.
So I have an ego problem.
Most guy friends I have have fallen for me sometime or the other-I'm not sure if thats good or bad.
I'm sick of being called cute.Where is that smart outgoing sexy image?
I like earthy people.
I like full stops.

I'm gonna run a music school someday.
My house is also gonna have a huge library with all the books that ive been collecting since a kid. I wanna sing great gig in the sky with a big bunch of friends in the dead of night on top of a hill,with a bonfire burning.. and screams and laughter echoing.
Detachment is my strength.And my weakness.
I never get bored of myself.
I love vellore.SO much.

I love planning surprises and making stuff for people.
I'm not a movie person.I havent seen tons of good movies.I'm too restless to sit thru a movie.
I dont understand fantasy or sci-fi.Unless its star wars where yoda,i like.
I dont watch Friends/Southpark/many other sitcoms most people like.
No,I am NOT a boring person!
The two movies i know every dialogue and every scene of are KKHH and Youve Got Mail.

I think i'm morphing into a guy.
I cant live abroad.
I hate tall buildings.
Neutral colours of things abroad put me off.Everything there is either grey black white or blue.Or grey again.
U dont get sunrise coffee there either.
I'm either singing or extremely quiet when high.
I smell pages of books.

I'm almost 20...I'm entering the peak of my youth.
I cant see myself 20 years from now.Or even 10.
Or even 1 and a half years from now.
(Thats cuz i dont have a time machine......)
I make really bad jokes sometimes.
Other times im just awesomely witty.
I've done the craziest things ever in the past 2 months.
Most of the mistakes I've made were worth making.

I've invented words-My best was this word "flouge" rhyming with rouge...which means
I love my friends...each n every one of much...
I laugh a lot.
I like bright things.
I rarely regret things even if I do something wrong on an impulse.
I regret breaking someone's heart.
I contradict myself.

I have a very very very bad temper which i struggle to keep under control.
I suffer from foot in mouth syndrome.
I'm very moody.
I used to go the lib 3rd floor just to watch the trains pass by.Also used to count how many boogies goods trains have.
I listen to JLo and the Pussycat Dolls sometimes.
There's nothing like walking on the bunds thru paddy fields.
There's nothing like a rooftop parrdyyy with gooood moosik.

I idolize my parents.
I try to be as non judgemental as possible.
I drool if I sleep flat.
My favourite animal is the cow.I used to go pet em during my evenin walks here.
I'm generally stable n steady.
I'm gonna experience everything in life.
I'm crazy about philosophy.
I hate preachy books.
I have loose hinges-I move my hands n head a lot while speaking.

I discover new awesomenesses about myself everyday.
I want to have kids someday.
I cant imagine living with a non musical person.
I wanna improve my singing skills.
Smoke rings fascinate me..

I judge how fat I am by examining how many veins show at the back of my hand.
I have to ride a water bike,water ski and see mt.everest before i die.
I sometimes long for em shoes with lights.
I'm known for being clumsy and hurting myself everytime I climb a hill.

I cant lead a slow life-I need to be busy,I need a dynamic fast paced life.
Breaks from city life will be spent in ma acres n acres of land in kerala/karnataka which i'm gonna buy or inherit from a rich father in law.

I cant follow a routine- I get bored of things easily.
I'm good with people.
I'm crazy about earth science.
I dont particularly like what i'm studying right now.
Its stupid to culture microbes when they're everywhere anyway.
I need to figure out how to get rich soon.
I'm getting nowhere.

I'm quite satisfied with my 20 years of life.