Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Raindrops aint fallin on my head:(

Sanity has faded into oblivion.

What kind of time is 2 pm-5 pm to hold an exam ?*fume*

I was stuck in the exam hall while it rained...showered outside,and it was so beeyootiful,the smell of earth,the kids playing near the railway track(i sat near the window),a typical stroll-along-humming-a-song kind of day,which is rather rare in Vellore.On the other side of the window,I was drawing a somewhat deformed nephron,while a grumpy voice announced, " 1 hour to go".
I yawned.I smelt guavas.I dont know why it was smelling guavas,but it was.I dreamt of hot cups of chai,bhutta,samosas...the next question on nutrition didnt help.I hurriedly finished my paper and ran out of the building...

To be greeted by wet streets and an emerging sun mocking at me.Gah,where are the clouds when you want em?

Hpmh.I will go home and yenjay in hyderabadi rain.


Pratish Menon said...

hopefully you won't flunk :P

Tinky Toinkers said...

poor goil. i want wada pav, give?