Tuesday, February 13, 2007

They spoil everything

I did not know till recently about the controversy regarding one of my all time fav songs...Puff the magic dragon.
Its a song about the end of childhood innocence..beautiful lyrics,I always thought.But then here's what some people say..

""Puff" was an obvious name for a song about smoking pot; little Jackie Paper's surname referred to rolling papers; "autumn mist" was either clouds of marijuana smoke or a drug-induced state; the land of "Hanah Lee" was really the Hawaiian village of Hanalei, known for its particularly potent marijuana plants; and so on."



Vi said...

There are a lot of things like this at Snopes. I just prefer to live in oblivion.

Thanks for the comment. :)

Shankar said...

Awww - I remember them spoiling another old thing. Can't remember what now.

Shall visit here often


Meha said...

theyre evil mean people dont listen to them puff the magic dragon is are cuteest song on earth and shall remain to be so ! damn the perversities!!

Epiphany said...

Reality is subjective...let the pot heads think everything is about their way...Puff is still a dragon :)...btw got here from Alien's blog..