Tuesday, March 10, 2009

3 am

random thoughts.

detachment born out of indifference.or vice versa?

weary acceptance of things unchanging.

sensitivity,tiresome, eventually leading to numbness.

the stupidest yet biggest insecurities.

yesterday's lover,today's past.

blocking out parts of life.

cruel selective memory.

meaningless conversations.

noises outside,silent within.

finding that love is what u want it to be.

letting go of some,holding on to more than acknowledged.

ability to reason out things in the head,inability to apply it when needed.

giving yourself away,like there's no tomorrow.

moments that cannot be relived.

plodding thru life at times, at other times there's unlimited energy,exuberance.

at both times, not knowing night from day.

doing the craziest things which seem to be in a distant surreal world when ulook back.

embracing life,embracing existence wholesomely.

realising the importance of prayer.

no time,space and patience for gossip.

limitless growing.

going thru the i'm-gonna-change-the-world phase.

realising the the impermanence of life and everything in it.

trying to get rid of self-created pain.

laughing...and more laughing.

hugs that can lift your spirits...and the feeling lasting for days.

understanding unconditional love exists only in one form-between parent andchild.

cumulative negativity removed out of the system sometimes by a bout of tears,sometimes by alcohol.

taking things lightly,imagining that they are insignificant in life's larger picture.

devoid of pride,yet ego persists.

learning to use ego as a defence mechanism.

learning to empathize with people.

taking wrong decisions confidently.

discovering instincts are almost always right

learning to submit,without any inhibition,and drowning in that beauty.

the gradual process of growth seeming to occur overnight-waking up wiser everyday.

mistaking temptation for curiosity.

ability to create our own memories.fascinating.

the music matters.

marvelling at the intangible.

alone in the end,but not lonely.

incomplete,part of a greater something.

whole in oneself.


divinehaoma said...

So beautiful!
I have found your blogs newly. I like all of your writtings altoghether but there is an empty space among those, that is a flash of a traditional esotericism illuminates them. Certainly you (in India) have many examples.

Rohit said...

3am does this..and when alone at that time.. a lot!

prashantissac said...

seriously...how old are you !! didnt understand why selective memory is cruel -- ive known its selfish though ..mistaking temptation for curiosity (brilliant!)

ramya said...

@prashant: thank you. selective memory is cruel because i remember things that i want to forget and forget things that i want to remember.

ashes2087 said...

:) love the post.

Danish siddiqui said...

you are soo 'you' (!/?)

Icie said...

awesome! i like.

Anonymous said...


No time, space?
May be an incautious use, was it?