Friday, April 10, 2009

perspective, vellore

To this place where I've found peace.

After having lived in a city for most part of my life, Vellore has been quite an experience. The place has grown on me. And how much! Vellore is a small quaint town, with busy streets in and around CMC..and inactivity pervading pretty much everywhere else.

People are happy here. They'd be happier with more rainfall*. But yes, people are a happy lot and life moves at a human pace. Vellore is full of suprises if you know where to look. Orange/pink houses spring up boldly out of paddy fields.. such an anachronism. Evening walks,among green fields and farmers' huts are pleasant and are a stark contrast to the monstrous concrete blocks of vit. Kids play on the streets, grandmoms sit on the verandahs watching them, cows chew their cud and all's right with the world. Such content beings.

The place radiates a simplicity that is heart-warming. People are not in the least conscious. They possess an atrocious sense of spelling and give their shops atrocious names, but they are so blissfully unaware of this. (Darling residency.. not to mention the baby too). Its amusing. And why the beedi is goat marked is still a mystery.

Home to one of the busiest hospitals in the country, some brilliant NGOs, two good colleges, an old fort/temple of historical importance, dhabas and a million eat-outs, 50-rupees-t-shirts.
And to everyone who has been here and has been a victim of its quiet charm.

* the rains here are just beautiful


karthikeya said...

you write good...will you write my biography 30 years later..? :p

Abhay said...

hmm, hows it during the summers...I may have to go there for a week soon.

ashes2087 said...

u must be an eternal optimist!

or ur too bored and are roaming around vellore looking for beautiful things! :)

Danish siddiqui said...

same pinch from Bhopali

Nor Ain said...

Heavens! It must have taken courage to find beauty in this godforsaken hell hole!
I salute you :D

Anonymous said...

To be contented and find happiness in simple everyday things is a great boon. You are ever so lucky as much as ur fellow vellore lovers!