Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Five weeks in Chennai

I've explored a considerable amount in the past five weeks. It has been been nothing short of madly tumultous but exhilarating all the same.

I went to the beach plenty of times during my stay.I love the beach. I love the ships and their tiny lights against the vast blackness. Oh, and the lighthouse!Just fascinating.. especially with all those Enid Blyton tales absorbed into my system. This part of the Marina is charming.The beam sweeps over sea the in a majestic circle.. and the spotlight falls on a building during its course! I always wondered how the residents of the apartment might be sleeping with that big round yellow beam shining through the windows every few minutes, its quite amusing. I can watch the sea for ages. It just fills me up with that half-thrilling, half-calming, lifting feeling;the cup runs over but keeps getting filled up like PC Sorcar's Water of Ganga. With every rise and fall of the waves I get a little higher.

Am going to miss the city, sorely. The Saravana Bhavan coffee, Oxford Bookstore, Landmark on NHR, the Madras Terrace House. The kittens in the hostel, the walks on Sterling Road, the walk to college, the guinea pigs, the train rides, the music, the friends.

"The old order changeth, yielding place to new."


Mellz said...

I knew ur blog wud be interesting and well written,, i enjoy reading it,,

keep up de good work :)

pankaj said...

ahhh to enid blyton tales and light houses. i love the sea a lot too (the few times ive seen it). it induces a feeling of inner calm, as opposed to mountains, which somehow induce a sense of dread in me. the sea is appreciable both for the beauty out at sea, and the beauties at the shore :D. for some reason, due to the aura created by the sea, i think people in beach towns are more liberal than others (thinking goa)