Monday, August 31, 2009

the same old

Change is inevitable. Thats a universal fact. You try to cope with change, and before you know it, you're changing with it. Try to resist, and you change all the more. Obstinacy doesnt get you anywhere. Accept, accept - thats what they've been preaching. I wonder why it is that even though all the wise men have been drivelling it into our heads that we should 'go with the flow', it isnt applicable easily.

Change is stealthy, you didnt even realise when it had crept in. It seems sudden, always. But its been sitting there all long, growing, in one dark corner of your room, waiting for you to acknowledge its presence. In due course of time, it turns into an attention seeking, gleeful monster, poking and prodding you. Since its there to stay, you might as well get acquainted with it.

Change makes you think, change makes me think. It is the curtain in between scenes that morph into each other in a strangely disconnected way. And the characters run about excitedly, confusedly, changing costumes, going over dialogues.

Change sucks you in and lets you out.

It binds, it sets you free. Go through it, turn it over, walk around it, wallow in the whys, but theres only one way out.

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Tangled up in blue... said...

Change creeps in. Yes, it does.

It surprises you. Even when you try so hard to resist it, and when you think you've conquered it, it teaches you that its a treacherous thing. It wins and you look back at urself..

and you realise, there's just no point fighting change.

sigh..such a beautiful contemplative post..really helps me gets perspective on some stuff..:)