Sunday, November 21, 2010

the birthday post

I thought this birthday I wouldn't write one and nobody would miss it but then people asked me where the traditional mail is and orey excited I became!
So here it is.

The past year I have seen more of the computer screen than I have in the previous ones.
The past year has seen so much more love - it just keeps growing exponentially.
Aforementioned year has also seen me obtain driving license! Woohoo!
I still am a magnet for mallus.

I have made new new friends.
Old ones seem to renew themselves everyday.
I've gotten over old fears.
New ones have taken their place.

I've travelled lots! Orey.
Orey is the word of the year - it has taken over the whatay kingdom.

The Western Ghats. Period.
I used to be good at sketching.
Now I only draw stick figures.
I wish I had the same ability to simplify in thought.

IwantogotoAfrica Icantwait.
I love skirts.
I love kurtas.
I love shirts.
I love stoles.

Buy of the year: pink pajamas. Feel like a thirteen year old.
Some teenager called me 'didi' recently and I suddenly felt very old.

Piano has arrived in the life and I am inexplicably happy about that.
The trick is to find the constant to find permanent comfort.
Not look at something bound to change and then whine (though you may whiskey..).

People care.
But our lives are governed by immediate circumstances.
So what about sunrise and what about rain?
The man will never die.

I dislike people who eavesdrop.
It's easy to apologise.
You don't notice the love that's in front of you because you're too busy looking over your shoulder.

Editing is making me learn english and forget some.
I can't chop an onion without chopping a finger.

I love exploring cities.
Junk-jewellery-window-shopping is soul-satisfying.
Too many hyphens, too many hyphens.

I sometimes don't listen to songs that I know will make me feel.
But only there does lie manna.

I love birds' feet - yellow of mynas and pink of pigeons.
I love donkeys' eyes.
I'm terrified of anything below ground - caves, tunnels, even metros sometimes.
I love bookshops in airports.
I love in-flight magazines.

I get incredibly awkward when people ask me to read aloud my poems.
They're meant to be read, not listened to!
Shy comes.

Every birthday, I am awed, thrilled and touched by the number of people who call.
This post gets shorter by the year.
I feel younger.



sailusha said...

haha.. happy b'day :D
and have you found the constant to permanent comfort?

Tangled up in blue... said...

Happy Birthday, Ramya! :) You know this post makes me think of this quote from The Wonder Years. "For the first time in years, I feel like a child no more. For the first time, I feel young."

Hari said...

Rombha nice!

Miniscule-thoughts said...

Been following your posts for a while now. And today I just couldn't resist but leave a comment.

L O V E D your post. Truly.

Keep it coming.

ramya sriram said...

sailusha.. thanks! and no i haven't, but i think fifty percent trusting chance and fifty percent making things happen makes life little easier, however vague that may sound :p

tuib..thanks! your blog has taken me through the year too.. :)

miniscule..many many gratitudes :)

Bland Spice said...

now where was i in your birthday? lemme remember...

Pankaj said...

your birthday post is always so optimistic.

storyteller said...

Happy belated budday! And Happy New Year!

Veeresh said...

Belated but heartfelt happy new year 2011 to you too! This 2011 8-piece is one of the most from-the-heart, smilingly jolly and optimistic greetings I’ve seen in a while :) And (an even more belated and) an even more heartfelt Happy Birthday too!

R said...

Such cuteness...