Monday, December 30, 2013

The belated budday post

I have decided to embrace 26.
I got introduced to disco funk this year and it changed my life.
Disco music lyrics are profound if you really listen to them.
I dislike people who dramatize issues.
Just say it like it is, dammit!

There are Boys. And there are Men. And then there is Boysz II Men. 
What impresses in a guy is boldness and clarity of thought.
I've realised that those two are closely interlinked.
Some men can really pull off beards.

There are too many people prying into other people's lives on social media. 
I'm one of them. 
I prefer American spelling to British when it comes to z's but I can't stand color. 
Not using punctuation makes me feel like an editorial rebel oh the joy

I want to grow lots of plants.
I talk to the plants I currently have.
I want to have a pet cow.
I want to memorize the Chicago Manual of Style.
I just cannot get myself to kill a mosquito; I will hide under the sheets but I just cannot kill it with my bare hands.
This year I met someone who influenced, revamped and almost completely changed my way of thinking. That counts for something...
I've got a checklist of trains I need to take.
I like going to places alone.
I like walking alone on busy streets. 

I admire people who can make quick and firm decisions.
I admire people who can stick to a decision, even if I think the decision is wrong.
I am constantly surprised at how bitchy women can be, especially groups of women.
When I'm extremely suspicious about something, there usually is reason to be. 
I trust my instinct.

Many things in life are about the right timing.
If you really want to do something, and you have the means to do it, do it now.

A few worthwhile pieces of advice I heard this year:
You don't have to tell everybody everything -- during a game of Never Have I Ever, when I got a little too excited.
Don't bring your emotional baggage from one relationship into another -- when I did.
Just listen to music and be happy -- friend's advice on dealing with a bad day.
Don't curse the hand that feeds you -- overheard a rain-drenched parking lot boy saying this to another rain-drenched parking lot boy when he swore at his job.
Don't give up without a fight -- much-needed support from a dear friend over email. 

I carry everything when I travel.
I live on lists.
People say things all the time - you chose whether you let it affect you. 
I've learnt to be picky about the things I worry about. 
I think I'm becoming meaner with age.
If only I became leaner as well.
Me? Defensive?
Don't get married until you want to get married to the person you want to get married to.
Dream big. 
Look after yourself.
Laugh a lot. When the wind changes, at least your face will be stuck looking happy.

The Western Ghats remain my favourite destination.
Put things in writing.
I'm simply awful at remembering faces. I invited the office electrician to my cubicle to 'have a chat' thinking he was my typesetter. He still looks at me expectantly every time I run into him on the stairs.
I can't sit still.
Media has power.
I like big groups of people.
I love home parties.
I hate being called a cute comics girl.
I'm not 'cute' and I'm not 'bubbly'. I'm a brooding artist. So there. 

My favourite movie of all time is still Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.
Checked shirts make me happy.
I once went to a mall with a friend who picked clothes that fit me perfectly - and I bought all of them a size bigger, much to her despair.
I love going to the gym. It's a mental workout. 
I want to draw and write for the rest of my life.
Sleep is a solution.
Our driver is investing all his resources into educating his son who wants to be an engineer. It is both heart-warming and heart-rending to see.
We can be oblivious to sacrifices that our parents make (as Indian kids especially). 
I'm always surprised to find that there is still an ABBA song I don't know in spite of having devotedly listened to them for most of my childhood.
I want to do up a house from scratch one day

Life is short - give and live whole-heartedly. 
Eat those apples, take your vitamins and be healthy. 
I have learnt to forgive and let go, one of the hardest lessons I learnt this year. 
Okay, I'm still learning. 

I found my way around on two wheels this year. 
Four wheels happening soon. 
I would like to learn an Indian classical instrument.
I'm adamant. 
I dislike watching movies most of the time unless it's a movie I pick.
That meaning of that dislikable word, prioritize, makes a lot of sense. 
I have trouble doing pedicures - I feel like apologising every time someone touches my feet. 
Showers, hot or cold, bring rationale to me.
No matter how much you edit, there will always be that teeny thing you missed out.
I love to sing.
I'm switching to drinking only wine.
Girl friends are irreplaceable.
Oranges are my favourite fruit.
Being single can be exhilarating.
Being in love can be steadying.
I am incredibly grateful for the people around me.
I am touched by all the love. It's overwhelming.
I sound like MJ now.

I dislike living alone.
I've been told I'm a difficult person to live with.
I'm a walky talky bunch of contradictions and I think that gets on everybody's nerves. 
26 is going to be amazing.

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