Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The budday post 2014

The world is full of amazing people doing amazing things.
People kept telling me the other side of 25 sucks, but two years down, and it really hasn't been so bad.
In fact, it's been pretty kickass.

After five years in publishing, I switched jobs and joined an ad agency.
Ad agencies seem to be madhouses.
But music plays all day long, which is a plus. 
I might like to have a cat someday. I love the feeling of cats rubbing themselves against my legs.
I've gone a whole year without one train journey and it's making me miserable.
There's something about watching the whole world move in front of the window.
I like being around lots of people. Crazy, happy, nutty people having nonsensical conversations.
RC whiskey still transports me.
​I watch orca videos when I'm low.

I discovered Andy Gibb this year.
I have a crush on every other guy I meet.
My latest is this guy who washes cars near our office. Damn sweet chap, looks after our adopted stray puppy.
I've a weakness (and weak knees) for guys who are good with animals.
Also guys who make good dosas. And omelettes.

I was at the receiving end of the following comments this year:
You're cut out to be a writer, you're not cut out for advertising. (wtf?!)
You've got a cute nose. (many hours were spent examining it in the mirror)
You're full of surprises. (Now we're talking yo​.)
How many works you have? Why you are doing so much works? When do you play? (Colleague's son, who spent a day with me at work)
Let me give you some advice. Listen carefully to people and then go ahead and do whatever the fuck you want. (This is a good strategy.)
I dislike driving in cities. 
Baby you can drive my car.. and maybe I'll love you.
I've learnt to be suspicious.
Trust doesn't come easy as you grow older.

I get a kick out of meeting people who are everything that I am not.
This new age traveller-tourist debate drives me mad. There is responsible tourism/travel and irresponsible tourism/travel. End of story.
It's like we want to define each and every thing and slot people according to the category they fall into.
We want to divide, divide, divide - whether we say it out loud or not, our minds are judging, allocating, classifying.

I am prone to feeling caged.
Open spaces attract me.
Openness attracts me.
I am impressed by people who have a single-minded focus.
I like doing multiple things at once and I've realised that's what makes me who I am.
My face is an open book. I suck at hiding what I think or feel.

I think I might be good at public speaking.
Being a Boss is tough.
Being a good one is even tougher.
I think I would like to be a Boss someday.

I'd be patient and calm and kind and inspiring and everyone would love me so...

​Family is steadying.
Love can be unsettling.

I love the sound of the mandolin.
I need to move to Bangalore.
The thought of moving abroad is just scary.
Mostly because you can't have 5 rupees chai on the roadside at 6 am.

I love white flowers. Peace lilies!
My favourite colour is green.
I hate groups that are formed by a mutual dislike for another person.
I'm an escapist more than ever now.

Try your best to keep away, but some songs just stick.
Ab blue hai paani paani paani paani paani paani
I've learnt the importance of trusting that good things will happen.
Sleep is a highly underrated activity, especially by creative people.
Good, uninterrupted, deep sleep is a blessing.

Photographs used to be such a special thing. A birthday, a family outing, a school farewell, sunset from Tiger Hill. Now they're just setting suns from everybody's balconies, new hairstyles, owls, and selfies with disproportionate forearms.
I find the word creative overrated. Again, a divide.
Everybody on this planet is creative.
I can wear kalamkari clothes all my life.
I always wanted to be dark and skinny, with curly hair. 

​I'm stubborn.
​I love making things for people.
I believe in aloe vera.
I'm a sucker for children's books.  ​
Birthdays make me happy.
​There's cake. 
I will go and kindly do the needful.

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