Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Random Realisations Part 2

( for those who read part 1 a year back.. here's part 2 )

Confessions of an almost 21 year old.

I am almost proper adult!
I have to start acting and feeling like one.
I have to stop chewing my nails.
I have to stop saying "when i grow up I'm going to.."

The seeds of maturity are sprouting i think.
Change has happened- in a series of overnight life changing incidents put together.
Change is happening..Waking up wiser everyday.
I've learnt from other people's mistakes as well as my own.

I've read so much n its amazing how so many more books are waiting to be devoured.
I've listened to so much music n theres still so much music floating around waiting to be heard.
My problem is that I'm always in a hurry to get things done.
Because there's so much more left to do no after that?

Being single gives me a strange feeling of self-satisfaction.
I love it.

I'm an extremist.
I'm an ICSE-snob.
Watercolours are a weakness.
Sugar cubes also.
Transparency is just so important in any relationship.
I need to stop accidentally sending messages to wrong recipients.Soon.

It takes guts to accept change.
I do enid blyton quizzes when I'm bored.
My thoughts form faster than I can put them into words.
I get alarmed sometimes about where my career is heading.. eeii what am i going to do.

I rarely forget.
Meaningless things are special to me.
I have a photographic memory.
My mood almost always depends on the weather.
Home is so solid and real.

Reason and emotion are constantly battling inside me.
I want those glow shoes and i want to go partying in them.. it might actually make me dance n all.
I like gel toothpastes they look like light sabers from star wars.
You'll find white spots of sleepily dribbled toothpaste on my nightclothes.

I love my room.
I love the squirrel on the window sill.
Gimme a keyboard and I can sit in one place for hours together.
I like drinking coffee out of steel tumbler and tea out of a cup.

The weirdest thing I've ever been called is " subtly vicious".
I dont understand break ups and cutting off completely from someone who's been part of your life at some point of time.
I believe everything can be sorted out if you can stretch your capacity to understand and accept.
I'm a total optimist.

I am tired of writing illogical tests that come nowhere close to testing your actual problem-solving skills.
Its not like I dont have answers i always have too many and cant pick.
I suck at decision-making.
I'm pretty much going around in circles.

I cant walk slowly.( you guys know..!)
I've been told I resemble a penguin more than once.
I always have something to say.
I am repetitive.
I seem to attract mallus like a magnet.

I finally found where all the cute guys in hyd are. Google! Eyecandy
I think the easiest way for a girl to get a guy is to play hard to get.
Its never worked for me.
I've found that love is what you want it to be.
I've found love.

I cant drive big cars- I dont understand th dimensions and what I might hit when i turn.
Anything to do with oceans and seas and ships and ports and marine animals fascinate me.
IT parks are just depressing.

I've written over 100 poems.
I hate being called a poet.
The word reminds of me an old man reciting his lines to silent brooding pieces of victorian furniture.
Or a girl with airy-fairy ideas about the world.
and I am not both!
I'm a writer.

I'm still waiting for that point in life where everything will settle and go smoothly.. but whats point of life being straight line graph.
Put them bundled up sine waves all over the place.

I desperately want to change my email and blog address( moimystique!) but its too much of pain now,after all these years.
There's nothing like roaming around on the streets of chennai and having coffee on the roadside.

There was a time when I thought i was in love but i wasnt sure.
Then i thought i was in love again ,this time i was sure, but it was too complicated.
And i was suddenly falling in love all over the place and decided i must be having some hormonal problems.

I've realised that nothing is constant.
Its always the beginning when you think its the end.
I am convinced that the world needs me.

I couldnt ask for more.


Naveen said...

you blow my mind.

Afrin said...

So beautiful. I don't know who you are, or how come I have your blog on my Google reader, but I fell in love with you right now, for what you wrote. Tore my heart out.

Afrin said...

And happy birthday. I know it's today.

ramya sriram said...

thanks :D

Anonymous said...

Ah. Lovely.

I know it's lame, but
I'll say it all
the same. Keep


^ And if that comment
above is true, then
wishes and cheers,

pankaj said...

your mind is richer than bill gates and sultan of brunei put togather.

you completely shatter the brooding artist stereotype

Abhay said...

belated greetings....happy b'day

i turn a year older today....having this gamut of conflicting thoughts racin thru my head, cud totally identify with this post of urs.

Ashwin said...

Heartfelt. Frustrated at times. Brutally honest at others. Well.. You are 21 after all. Love the post. N i wont call u a poet anymore. Writer.

fill the void said...

sounds like 'ramya, for dummies'.
like a self help manual for all those mallus.
nice stuff.