Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I want to live in a country where I dont have to stand in long queues for everything.


ashes2087 said...

grow twice your size, wear a big black shadowy burkha, and come to UAE. there were some 15 people in the queue in the airport when that female casually walked past all of them and got her passport stamped and walked straight through! see... no queues.

pankaj said...

lol..good comment (the one above me)

standing in queues is one of the smaller sacrifices an indian woman has to make.

Abhay said...

well, in some places, women do get to stand in a separate it isn't as bad for them always.

but yea, a queue is a big pain...especially if u hav to stand in one even for the most basic of things like lunch or money or even water

Anonymous said...

Hello, stranger.

I've stumbled upon your blog
while looking for another Ramya
from another time and place.
And I'll most probably be
stumbling back in from
time to time, seeing
as it is that this
here blog is fun
to read.