Saturday, September 06, 2008


So I am becoming expert in family tree sums. Gimme number of males,females,who is whose son in law and I’ll tell u in jiffy if M is A's grandmother or sister or daughter. I did off all family sums from ims, time, brilliant study material and I feel so smug.

Then no today i am also very happy because for first time in life I worked out sum without looking at option and I got 12487.5 and wow it was one of options and it was right!! I was so thrilled I will become like Byju guy and they will stick posters of me with my 100 percentile in CAT all over the place yay.

Tried to sort out things for a friend but suddenly found myself more involved than expected..weekend was blur of hyperemotional phone calls and math. Patience and tolerance levels got tested like anything. Mercury meniscus reached alarming levels but somehow everything blew over and then there was peace. Also saw sad old Hindi movies... Amitabh is such a hero no boohoo.

As always, life here is sudden burst of activity with me trying to frantically juggle everything at once, and then there'll be a lull when everything moves at typically Vellorian slow motion before next hurricane arrives.

As of now I need sleep.


ashes2087 said...

acho da!

pankaj said...

where did all articles go?