Monday, September 22, 2008

Who woulda thought!

On the train back from Bangalore, I made conversation with this guy sitting next to me. Turns out he works for this zipper company,(yeah, zipper) and he spent some time explaining the different parts of the zipper pointing to the one on my bag...I was slightly taken aback, I hadnt really thought about the working of zippers before.There's even something called a zipper truck in some places,which i found quite fascinating. He was a bit show-offish ("oh, i know aallll languages, I'm a marketing guy, u know") so I decided to check if he was bluffing once I got back.
So I read up on this company,it is a Japanese company called YKK,the biggest manufacture of zippers in the world. I checked my jeans, bags, all zips had YKK inscribed on them, I hadnt even noticed before. Branded zippers!! There are even fake ones cuz they're so popular.

Read up on zipper history.Then got to reading bout how Velcro came about.

Suddenly have a new range of things to dwell on.


Josh said...

hehe.. too lazy to still go check.will do so tomorrow and report!

Harish Govind said...

checked out zipper machines. Interesting read. Teginigal meganigal engineering at its best... :p

and in case you are into velcro and other related bionics inspired models,google - boxfish-daimler chrysler bionic car.

pankaj said...

sweet..oh yes....ykk inscribed on many of the zippers!!! hmmm....the kinds of things people make a business out of.

ashes2087 said...

@ general harish: give up trying to induct people into the teginigal world.
box-bosh-bio-damn-cry what?

she only hit upon zippers by chance. she is not going to make a life out of it.

@ ramya: my fav shorts zipper says levi's. who has a branded zipper now!