Friday, September 12, 2008


Every night I see this light from my room. It is far away,blinks yellow and green alternately.My window faces the hills,which line the highway.There is a lot of empty land in when i look out,i can see a million tiny lights far far away and total blackness otherwise.And towards the left there is this mystery light flashing throughout the night.. and its quite big even from this distance and if you stare long enough you can see that white ring around it.

My room view is all about peace and quiet this year.Lot of activity, but peaceful activity goes on outside.Very unlike railway facing room of last year,with the constant rumbling of trains.
There's a pond outside covered in moss,which big yellow machine came and swallowed up yesterday.So now its all clear, and mirrors the sky and clouds and trees. Can spot kingfishers and white birds taking dips sometimes.Blue bus sails by every morning at 7ish,I think its a school bus of some sort.Its a quiet road, used to walk there very often.. can almost see myself walkin down when I look out.Farmers at work in their paddy fields, stray cow or two, bullock carts. Its like watching still life, but with slight changes in the painting everyday.

When its noisy,its jarring-when its peaceful,the calm is overwhelming. Life's like that no sometimes?

Annoyingly loud squirrel tries to strike a balance though, waking us up every dawn.Pah.


Josh said...

such a vivid description :)

Harish Govind said...

It's a beautiful view I can perceive. :)
Is the title a metaphor?

Its like watching still life, but with slight changes in the painting everyday.

Abhay said...

when its real calm, u can even hear the lizards breathing :s