Monday, October 06, 2008

Conclusions Part 1

Short hair makes ass look bigger.
Blue toothpaste makes teeth blue but red doesnt seem to make em red.
Songs can hold your life.
Men are SO annoying but we need them anyway...Sigh.
You never feel like writing in a new white plain pages book.
Your own voice sounds better when no one's around.
There's no reverse gear.
You never want to throw away old posters that have been in your room.
The alphabet 'L' reminds me of water.
Its mortifying to send a message to the wrong recipient, switch off phone for ages throw away sim card for a while and then get a delivery report when you switch it back on.
Its comforting to know that other people are as clueless as you are.


sunena said...

ha so short hair makes ass look bigger...

dude my hair has been short since ages..refuses to grow..

and ya please start writing in that notebook..

Anonymous said...

Ha! So short hair makes the ass look bigger. N i thought it was the underlying adipose i had accumulated over the ages eating all the thair saadam. Cha

pankaj said...

lol..good about...the electricity always comes back on as soon as you fumble your way to the candle (you invariably stub your toe in the process). (i discovered that one today)

Abhay said...

'Its comforting to know that other people are as clueless as you are' - this is pro'ly the only reason why many ppl still wanna live i guess. otherwise, they'd hav killed themselves coz of confusion and insecurity by now.

Red Soul said...

this post is lovely. so many things in it so true and some things so funny. I always loved your other post, the .jpg which say "how, who have u been"..